This Department aims at the introduction of students in the dynamic nature of Nursing, as this is applied in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare, as well as the formulation of knowledge basis, skills and attitudes, thanks to which the graduate will be able to evaluate healthcare needs of patients, to properly intervene for their coverage through evidence-based care, and finally to evaluate care outcomes.

The subject area of this Department, which is covered through the study program, includes the theoretical, laboratory and clinical education of students through the provision of contemporary, evidence-documented knowledge and the teaching of courses which represent and cover the entirety of modern nursing practice, the growth of analytical, critical and reflective thought, and the understanding of the principles and methods of nursing research.

Through the appropriate mental and ethical growth, the graduate of this Department should be able to provide high-quality, safe and responsible nursing care in various healthcare settings, to promote the nursing profession and healthcare services through the use of evidence-based practice, and finally to participate in nursing education, research and administration.

Reasons for choosing Nursing studies: