Mission and Vision

  • To provide high standard nursing education to our students so they can practice high standard nursing with responsibility in various health care settings. 
  • The education of Nurses who, except nursing practice, would be able to distinguish in the fields of nursing education, nursing research and nursing management.

  • The mental, ethical and professional growth of the students through appropriate training, which would allow them in the future to contribute in the improvement of the provided health care services.

  • The promotion of the Nursing profession through the development of the abilities of student’s critical thinking, as well as the application of newest research data in clinical setting aiming at the achievement of evidence based nursing.

  • To encourage continuous nursing education, in order to achieve continuous scientific and professional growth, as a requirement for the improvement of the social recognition of the nursing profession.


  • Address: 4 Gyzi Nikolaou st
  • Tel: +30 2610 369130
  • fax: 2610 369175
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.